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Corporate Governance

The Directors and Management of Medibio are committed to excellence in corporate governance and support the Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Recommendations developed by the Australian Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Council (‘the principles’) as the basis for enhancing the credibility and transparency of our capital markets.

Consistent with Medibio’s values, the Board has developed and implemented policies and practices which are consistent with the principles. Medibio prides itself on its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operation, including corporate governance.

In addition to the comments made above, Medibio does reserve the right to vary, modify or ignore some of the principles on the basis that some of them are more appropriate for larger sized companies where extra resources can be made available to form separate committees for example.

Use the following links to access Medibio’s corporate governance policies. All policies are presented in pdf format:

You can view and download the 2020 Annual Report here.

Corporate Governance Statement
The Board believes that good corporate governance helps ensure the future success of the Company, adds value to stakeholders and enhances investor confidence.

Continuous Disclosure Policy and Procedures
The Continuous Disclosure Policy provides a framework to assist Medibio achieve its aims of keeping the market informed of material information and enhancing its communication with the market, thereby ensuring its compliance with legal requirements.

Diversity Policy
The Company is committed to workplace diversity and recognises the benefits arising from employee and board diversity.

Medibio Board Charter
The Board Charter sets out the key governance principles adopted by the Board in managing the Company.

Audit and Risk Committee Charter
The Audit and Risk Committee Charter sets out the responsibilities to make recommendations to the Board on the adequacy of auditing, financial reporting and compliance procedures and risk management on related matters.

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct sets out the principles that Medibio’s Board, employees, and contractors are expected to uphold in order to promote the best interests of Medibio and its shareholders.

Investor Relations Policy
The Investor Relations Policy is designed to promote effective communication with shareholders, provide them with understandable information about Medibio and simplify their participation at general meetings.

Remuneration and Nomination Charter 
The Remuneration Policy defines the overall remuneration structure for Medibio and details policies and performance criteria.

Securities Trading Policy
The Securities Trading Policy provides a framework to assist the Directors and employees of Medibio  understand their legal obligations with respect to insider trading.

Whistleblower Policy
The Whistleblower Policy provides a framework to assist the Directors and employees of Medibio understand their legal obligations.

Related Party Transaction Policies and Procedures
The Related Party Policies and Procedures provides a framework to assist the management to efficiently report and disclose the related party transactions.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
The Anti‐Bribery and Corruption Policy supplements the Code of Conduct by setting out the conduct expected by the Company to minimise the risk of bribery or corruption occurring in connection with its operations and activities and also provides guidance on how to deal with instances of bribery or corruption.