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Imagine playing an exciting key role in a digital health company that is changing the way mental health care is delivered through objective, data-driven screening, diagnosis, monitoring and management.

The success of that mission is dependent on people who are passionate visionaries, focused on a brighter and better tomorrow.

When you walk through our doors, you will meet dedicated and hardworking individuals, collaborating together in order to reduce the impact of psychological disorders and aid in proper diagnosis.

As a global leader, we have opportunities for motivated individuals at our locations in Australia and throughout the USA.

Are you ready to join the Medibio Revolution?

Current Opportunities


Job Summary

The Senior Data Scientist – Machine Learning Scientist (SDS-MLS) will assist in performing analysis on
physiological and behavioural data sensing and in the development of biomarkers and machine learning
algorithms related to the classification of mental health disorders and stress. The SDS-MLS will entail
working with clinical, psychometric, and ambulatory sensed data related to physiologic signals and
behaviour patterns.

Essential Functions

  • Collaborate with a team of doctors, engineers, and fellow data scientists around product goals and novel
    sensing modalities
  • Develop validated biomarkers with the use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms, and
    contribute to their integration into the final product
  • Develop novel analytic strategies for physiological signals collected from medically graded device and
    data collected with wearable devices.
  • Document and communicate results to the team in preparation for regulatory filing
    Minimum Requirements
  • A degree in Biomedical Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science
  • 2 year’s experience
  • Passionate for developing products to serve patients and make lives better
  • Drives towards a positive outcome as the work you will do will directly impact the standard of
    care worldwide
  • Entrepreneurial, independent and collaborative
  • Proficiency with Python and associated machine learning libraries such as Numpy, Pandas,
    Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow/Keras/PyTorch
  • Proficiency in querying Relational and Non-relational databases
  • Ability to innovate features and models beyond basic routines to meet performance objectives
  • Proficiency in implementing innovative solutions and techniques based on academic data
    science and machine learning literature.
  • Proficiency in English and excellent written and verbal scientific communication and time
    management skills


  • PhD desired
  • Experience working in a fast-paced start-up
  • Experience working with ECG (or other cardiac signals), EEG, and/or clinical physiological
    data and/or data from wearable devices (e.g., Garmin, Apple Watch)
  • Familiarity with health and medical regulatory processes
  • Working experience with Amazon Web Services

Please submit your CV to jobs.medibio@medibio.com.au. Please reference job number 2021-01.