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Our approach exploits features of cardiovascular physiology influenced directly by the autonomic nervous system and susceptible to disruption during sleep, as a source of biometrics that correlate with onset and existence of mental dysfunction. Our data science approach focuses on using Artificial Intelligence to identify mental illness types (such as Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety) and potential physiological metrics, so we can predict irregularity and future recurrent episodes.

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HRV Time and Spectral Components:

Analysis of circadian heart rhythm provides objective indications of physiological differences between different forms of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and stress.


Mental state-linked autonomic nervous system disturbance (biological shifts) are observed during sleep when external influences are absent.


Distinctly different patterns are evident during sleep when confounding influences on heart rate are minimal.


Clinical studies with Ottawa University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Emory University

"We will no longer endorse DSM5, as it has fundamental flaws and we are actively seeking a diagnostic system that is evidence based. We need a quantitative method for diagnosing depression. It is critical to realize that we cannot succeed if we use DSM categories as the gold standard."

U.S. National Institute of Mental Health May 2013

Looking at Mental Health, Objectively

  • Medibio’s technology has the potential to be the world’s first FDA cleared objective biometrics monitoring solution for mental illness.
  • This patented innovative unique technology is non-intrusive, quick, objective, decisive and will revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of mental health.