Medibio Broadens Opportunities with Compatibility to Fitbit Wearable Devices for Mental Health Measurement

Fitbit joins Apple Watch, Garmin and others allowing users to help process biometric data for an objective view of mental health

Sydney, Australia, and Minneapolis, MN – June 13, 2018 – Medibio Limited  (OTCQB: MDBIF), the world leader in objective measurement technology for mental health, has recently enhanced the compatibility of its mobile app product to accept data from Fitbit devices equipped with heart rate monitors.

The mobile app, named Medibio Inform, allows businesses to offer employees the chance to ‘check-in on their mental health’ through a comprehensive mental health and wellness program that starts with an employee-facing, Mental Health Check-In campaign. This allows employees of participating businesses using Fitbit devices to assess their mental health using both traditional assessments and biometric measures.  At this time, only Fitbit users that are enrolled in a Mental Health Check-In with their employer have access to use the Inform app.

Via the Inform app, Fitbit users will be able to process specific biometric features to create an objective view of their overall health. Once the user has authorized Medibio to access their Fitbit account, the Inform app then pulls in the sleep, activity and heart rate data that is associated with the user’s wearable account. Medibio uses its proprietary platform and algorithms to process the biometric data and reports to the user on a daily basis.

The additional compatibility of Inform working with data from more than 25 million Fitbit wearable technologies, along with already accepted compatibility with nearly 13 million Garmin devices, is timely as the company prepares for the general consumer availability coming later in 2018.  

“We’re thrilled to give Fitbit users the ability to monitor their personal, objective biometric data to help manage their overall mental health and well-being,” said Jack

Cosentino, CEO of Medibio. “With the addition of Fitbit to our portfolio of compatible wearables, this strengthens our footprint in the market, and supports our goal to make our technology accessible to as many consumers as possible.”

Medibio’s Fitbit-compatible app is available in the App Store and Google Play today for compatible Fitbit devices.   For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Medibio Limited

Medibio (ASX: MEB) (OTCQB: MDBIF) is a mental health technology company that has pioneered the use of objective biometrics to assist in the screening, diagnosing, monitoring and management of depression and other mental health conditions. The company offers mental health solutions for business through its Corporate Health programs and is developing products to serve both the consumer and regulated healthcare provider markets. The company was founded in Australia, with offices located in Perth (WA), and Minneapolis, MN (U.S.). Medibio is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd and trades on the OTCQB Venture Market. Investors can find additional information on and