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Management Team

Claude Solitario 

Managing Director
Mr Claude Solitario is a founding shareholder of Medibio Ltd.  He is an experienced financial executive and brings 30 years of experience in the development of new and emerging technology, with an emphasis on biotechnology and medical devices.  He has a deep understanding of licensing and commercialisation of intellectual property.

Archie Defillo

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Archie Defillo has over 25 years of clinical experience with neurological diseases.  His research interests include cerebrovascular, stroke, neuro-trauma, brain oxygenation, metabolism and autonomic dysfunction.  He was also a co-investigator, together with the famous Australian neurosurgeon Professor Dorsch in the Bayer founded worldwide, multi-center, Nimodipine trial. Dr. Defillo was also the lead clinical researcher at the National Brain Aneurysm Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Dr. Defillo is a scientific member of Congress of Neurological Surgeons and board member of few editorial journals. Currently, he holds more than 50 publications including topics in resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and broken heart syndrome.  His time at Medibio has been dedicated to advancing the knowledge between between heart rate variability and autonomic modulation as it relates to menatl health.

Prof. Giampaolo Perna

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Perna is the Chairman of the Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences at San Benedetto Menni Hospital of the Hermanas Hospitalarias (Como Lake) and the Academic Coordinator of the Mental Health Area of the International Medical School & Professor in Psychiatry, Humanitas University (Milan). He is also Voluntary Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Miami University, and Director of the International Master in Affective Neurosciences and Associate Professor at Maastricht University, Chair of the WPA section on Personalized Psychiatry & Co-editor in chief of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry (Elsevier). Dr. Perna’s team consists of 2 attending psychiatrists, 4 psychologists and 2 data scientists. Professor Perna is one of the world experts on panic attack. He is a well-accomplished researcher and author of many scientific publications.

Dr Stephen Addis 

Clinical Consultant

Dr Addis is a founding shareholder and an early contributor to the intellectual property upon which the Company was built. He is a former Head of Psychiatry at Fremantle Hospital, a large university teaching hospital in Western Australia.  He has held senior clinical and managerial positions in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia which has given him first-hand knowledge of health systems internationally.  He has over 20 years’ experience as Principal Investigator/Investigator on pharmaceutical trials and importantly, over a decade of clinical research into the effects of mental illness upon the circadian heart rate; research that forms the basis of the Company’s intellectual property.

Massimiliano Grassi

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Massimiliano Grassi has 15 years of experience as a researcher and data scientist in the field of mental health. At Medibio his work has been focused on the development of machine learning algorithms for the identification of sleep staging and depressive burden. He is also a clinical psychologist at Villa San Benedetto Menni Hospital and an adjunct professor at Humanitas University.

Jennifer Solitario

Senior Vice President, Corporate Health

Jennifer brings more than 20 years of experience in the health insurance industry.  Working as Executive General Manager Health and Wellness at HBF Health, one of Australia’s largest health insurers, where she oversaw benefits management, pharmacy, community and corporate wellness business units.  She managed benefits payments of over A$1B and oversaw the growth of HBF’s pharmacy business, developed the company’s Community Wellness strategy, and introduced a unique Corporate Wellness Index which enabled organisations to gauge overall health in the workplace.  At Medibio Ms Solitario oversees the global commercialisation of its corporate wellness product ilumen.

Kelly Trupkovic

Partnerships and Marketing Manager APAC

Ms. Trupkovic is a people risk consultant, with over 15 years’ experience gained from a range of Australian and multinational organisations within the financial services sector, specifically Group Risk and Corporate Superannuation arenas where she focused her time and efforts in key account management, sales and business development.  Ms. Trupkovic is a passionateadvocate for mental wellness in the corporate environment and excels at building new, comprehensive partnerships.  Kelly exemplifies the ability to establish and implement sustainable business growth initiatives across new and existing markets across a variety of channels.  She has demonstrated an ability to deliver on strategic people risk initiatives, whilst promoting and enhancing key strategies that are core to Medibio’s business objectives. 

Renee Stanton-Horne

Operations & Account Manager

Miss Stanton-Horne has 8 years of experience working for global companies in the Digital and IT sector and has substantial global awareness having been previously based in the UK, US and AUS.