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It Starts with a ‘Mental Health Check-In’

At Medibio, we believe checking our mental health should be as easy and as frequent as checking our physical health. Combining traditional assessments with objective physiological biometrics, Medibio’s Corporate Health offering is a world-first approach to managing employee mental health.

Program Includes:

10 Check-ins to share with your network


A personal invite to show your support for mental health and technology


Personal private mental health care check-in


All results reviewed by a psychologist

How the Program Works

We invite you to experience the Mental Health Check-in


Register and pay for your exclusive investor program


Complete your invitation list and return to the Corporate Health Team


Receive confirmation of your registration and an invitation email to your network


Share your invitation with your invite list, and show the world we can take action on mental health


Complete your personal Check-in - measure mental health like never before

Self-assessment and objective measures of mental health to give a personal insight into how employees are tracking and potential improvement strategies.


Personal, confidential self-assessment & report on smartphone app

Available at App Store and Google Play

Integrate to your wearable device to measure mental health objectively using biomarkers

Currently support Apple, Fitbit and Garmin

Individual debrief and referral for those with elevated scores


Access to a confidential, secure, HIPAA compliant Telepsych service, online self-management modules

Beyond the Check-In

Managing employee mental health for the long term helps your organization ensure employee well-being. Engaged employees make satisfied customers.

Corporate Health Offering Includes:

The Mental Health Check-In

Designed to address the gap in corporate wellness by checking in on mental.

Organizational Strategy

Customized mental health and wellness solution design to increase employee engagement and improve mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Wellness Program

Proactive software tools and support resources for employees to engage in and manage mental health.

Executive Insights and Reporting

A de-identified, data-driven look at employee health and risk stratification.

Take the next step towards a healthier organization

We invite your organization to participate in the Mental Health Check-In; moving forward beyond mental health awareness to action, we are asking millions to “check-in” on their mental health.


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