Thanks to our partner WellteQ, Medibio team members were invited to attend the recent Garmin Health Summit Europe to learn, connect, and share ideas around integration of wearables into business solutions. The power of partnership for innovators like Medibio was consistent throughout the event and aligns with our collaborative approach to the work we are doing.

Innovators at the conference are accessing Garmin’s raw data and connecting it to their traditional data models to provide new health and wellbeing models. Generally these models fall into the paradigm of measure to understand health, monitor to improve health, and reward to keep the individual user engaged. Partnerships between innovative tech companies and traditional industry to complete the cycle of this model are resulting in outcomes based solutions.

Three that stand out are:

SCOR Global Life partnered with a tech company and Garmin to develop BAM (Biological Age Model.) This develops a risk model for life insurance underwriting based on lifestyle choices.

Fuell, a challenge based fitness and wellness app, developed fatigue scoring for fleet drivers to help spot warning signs and manage fatigue through an intelligent interface.

Generali Vitality is using data to decrease the gap between life expectancy and healthy years individuals live. They are focused on improving lifestyle behaviors that lead to chronic conditions and are responsible for 60% of all premature deaths.

The agreement and understanding of the need for digital health solutions to be rooted in science was a theme in many conversations.  Attendees expressed a strong commitment to providing actionable insights to both individuals and companies, such as the work we have piloted with our corporate health product.  We are excited to move that work forward through our WellteQ partnership with our continued focus on outcomes based insights.

Garmin clearly recognizes the synergy of connecting companies and entrepreneurs with their data to build innovative healthcare applications. They do this by providing an ecosystem that enables connections–both in tech and people.  

And speaking of connections, along with our WellteQ partner, our team will be at the October 24 – 25 Garmin Health APAC Summit to be held in Taipei.  Let us know if you’d like to connect there