For Individuals

Mixed emotions?
Get an objective view on your mental health.

Discover more about your own mental health

Your Body Speaks Volumes

Through a simple connection to a wearable device a new way to gain insights into your mental health. For the first time, you can track and objectively measure your mental state.

Empowering Individuals

A professional mental health assessment and biometrics work together to give you an objective view of your own mental health.

The ability to complete a professional, personal mental health assessment.
Using a wrist-wearable device, track key biometrics that provide an objective view of mental health.
Receive a personal and confidential report on your mental health that includes assessment results and key biometrics.
Features will include:


Mental Health Assessment


Journaling and Mood Tracking


Medication Scheduling


Wellness Tips and Improvement


Mental Health Maintenance


Alerts, Notifications and Feedback

Resources for Self-Management

Do you or someone you love need help? Be sure to check out these options for self-management.

Find information on conditions, wellness resources and community supports.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

A free source for information, referrals and support for individuals, family, caregivers and providers. Call the NAMI HelpLine 800-950-NAMI

Mental Health America (MHA)

Find tools and supports to help navigate your wellness journey.


A community where teens and young adults connect for resources and community. Call 800-273-TALK

Bring Change to Mind

Find out how to talk to anyone about mental health.

We want to hear your story

We’d like to hear your story and share it with other people who are considering using these platforms. Our goal is to connect people who can share true stories of how mental health conditions and Medibio have affected their lives with those who are just beginning their journey through diagnosis and treatment.


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